tea OR coffee ?

In fact ,Tea & Coffee do have their differences . Obviously the taste and the species part of plant. The following will tells you the diffenrences in a short & quick way. We make sure is easy understanding. Nothing technical :)

Place of Origin   :  From Ethopia
Origin Period      : 9th Century AD
Types of Coffee Beens  :  Arabica & Robusta , other interspecific hybrid
Properties related to cancer  :
Research is still being carried out on whether the hight content of caffeine in coffee is a risk factor or not
Caffeine contained : 80 - 185 per 8 ounce cup ,dependng the types of coffee brewed.


Place of Origin   :  From Yunna Province , China
Origin Period      : 2373 BC
Types of Tea  :  Red Tea , Black Tea , White Tea , Yellow Tea , Green Tea ,Herbal Tea (Floral Tisane Tea) - Technically from Cemellia Sinensis plant .
Properties related to cancer  : Tea contains Tannin and Catechin have been associated with preventing cancer and heart diseases
Caffeine contained : 15 - 70 mg per cup

Actually ...

 It does'nt matter , which cups will going to start your day . If you unable to comsume caffeine... choose something CAFFEINE FREE !!

There are plenty of caffeine free options for TEA & COFFEE. So it really doesnt matter what you prefer or how you would like to choose. A wise man always said  : "Follow your heart 
"   :)

As simple as it !

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