WHAT the hack ......CHOCOLATE match with THIS ? Are you kidding me ??

Yes !  Why can't we have cup of tea with chocolate !

The combination of chocolate and tea are not common among both community .  The taste of chocolate are rich , depends the types of chocolate that you choose . Many types of tea are able to smooth the taste after you have a chocolate.

This may not sounds like a good combination  But these is just like some common food adequate . For example , red meat are recommend to have with red wine , and white meat/seafood are good with white wine. It's because the combination of the food and beverage . They just worked so well together to enhance each other's flavor  .Also , cheese are good with red wine. Usually Port Wine are the most common recommended.

Still can't get it why when you have chocolate , it is so nice when you have a cup of  tea with ? The philosophy are just like when you cook some veg, you may want to have pinch of salt and also garlic just to delighting the taste and make it more aroma cooking . The most common food combination is the burger with soft drinks !!! I know this is sound a little bit too full to digest if you are health concern . But this is just perfect match from my personal opinions. It is best to have soft drink with burger. But of course , it doest not recommend you to have it regularly , it is not good for your health and also your WEIGHT ! But once in a while , just release it........ most importantly , ENJOY !!

Now , come back to the topic. CHOCOLATE & TEA ! Why are they could be a perfect match. The answer is simple. Because chocolate is SWEET , and Tea are smooth-en the excess sweetness so that you can continue to enjoy the chocolate !!  That is ? Yes, THAT'S IT !!!!!  Think about it , when you have your high tea time with the nice port of rose tea , and you love to being serve with 03 tiers of English or French sweets. The most iconic sweet is .... teng teng teng !!  " MACAROON " . You may not fancy with sweet , maybe you just want to have your cup of Lavender tea to smooth en your stress or cup of Chamomile tea to have a short break time . But , we are here to recommend you to have something with your cup of tea, you may get some "touch" by the sweet together with tea . What kind's of touch ? Is your feeling , a " feel good " feeling.  Maybe you don't believe it , why not try it !! We would like to recommend you to have your favorite chocolate with our FRESH Lemon Grass or Forget Me Not  . You gonna love it !


Forget Me Not may helps to control high blood pleasure , smooth the nerves and promote resetful sleep. It's also promote slimming purpose and healthy grow skin.



Lemon Grass : Greatast herb for relief suffering from fever and relive stomach cramp. It's also alleviate digestion and especially for children and help relives the pain of arthritics.



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