Don't waste your money to your daily cappuccino !!!

Have you ever wondering how much is the money that you have spend for a cup of drink from coffee/ tea shop every week ? 

Last week , we have a short  gathering with my friends and we talked about how people spend their money now days. People spend on holiday vacations , maybe just once a years or twice . People spend on shopping , food , drinks. Maybe once a month you would check and count your spending and do a own accounting.

Then , how much that you have spend for a cup of tea/coffee which you need it daily ? Especially it is so essential for wake you up before you start your tough day. On of my best friends , Jennifer. She is a cappuccino lover . She loves her every day " S" brand cappuccino. She is addicted to it. Without that cappuccino , she will not be able to work on her brand and bit her tough day. We were asking her , did she aware how much she has spend for a week ? She answered : " Well... It was just RM 12 per cup for morning , and i don't take breakfast ! So I've have enough for my breakfast ! " So , Jennifer drinks her cappuccino by RM 12 x 7 days  = RM 84.00 per week. 

Mmm.. that was okay , because she's in the high paid position . That should be okay for her , but when come to 30 days of spending , means RM 12 x 30 days = RM 360 .00  !!!Wow...  At least that is a figure will catch my cautions. I love to invent some new flavor for my daily drinks. I love tea a lot and add in a milk into tea is a perfect match too . So i decided to create my own recipe which you will save my penny and also time. Most importantly , it's HEALTHY & EASY !! 

So , here are the tutorial and also video , scroll it down for full descriptions, you will see it :) Be sure you watch it , and don't forget to share & subscribe !!


Ingredients :

  • 30 fresh Rose buds
  • 02 tbsp  Evaporated Milk
  • 02 tbsp  Sweet Condense Milk
  • 170ml Full fresh cream milk and 70ml hot water
  • some cocoa powder (optional)


Necessary Equipment :

Handheld Milk frother / whisk

Time preparation : 7 - 10 mins


People serve     :  01 cup serve

Difficulty            :  A kid's are also capable to made it :)


Directions  :

  1.  Put all Rose Buds into a teapot / self made tea cup / normal tea cup / loose tea bag / tea filter bags . (Whatever you have for just make a cup of rose tea will do )
  2. Pour Hot Water into it and steeping for 10 mins.
  3. Meanwhile , heat the Full Cream Milk by using microwave for about 5-7 mins . If no microwave , you can directly boil the milk by cooking pot on medium / low heat.
  4. Remove the milk from the microwave , add in Evaporated Milk and Sweet Condense Milk .
  5. Back to the rose tea , remove the rose buds . Pour the rose tea into the mixture of milk.
  6. Use handheld milk frother operated whisk up and down and around for about 05 mins.
  7.  Whisk until the milk start frothy till your desire density , then sprinkle a little cocoa powder (optional) . So it's done :) eNJOY .


To know more about fresh looseleaf herbs/tisane tea , please visit :

I hope you guys love this recipe and i hope you can try it out this easier hot drink recipe. It's a natural rose fragrance without any artificial food colouring /aroma. Simply can make your glory morning by these simple cappuccino.

I love to hear more from you , please let me know if you have any concern . I am here for 24/7 to listen on you :)

Enjoy ... :)

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