3 Simple Step for How to Mix & Blend A Tea

What is TEA for you 

Tea may not fancy to you. Maybe is little bit old to you when we talked about tea. In general , people drink tea occasionally. Unless you're like me , drinking tea daily like a water. Maybe i just got addicted because of the caffeine , but i can tell you drinking a tea is not just because i love it, it's because everyday look at the raw loose tea transformed from the steeping time , after several minutes, you got to smell it , certainly you got amazed by the natural fragrance.  And then , take a sip ...mmm mm  THAT is all you need to start your day , FRESHLY ! 

As a regular tea drinker , you may have thought of is that it the taste of tea should be ? If you have only drink tea bags from what you purchase, you probably juts only got the taste that base on what you bought. Now , I am here to share with you , how to overturn the taste of tea and create your own cup of tea base on your own preference !  Yes ! It's to create exclusively for yourself . 

Create Exclusively 

Now the question , how to create exclusively tea for your self base on your preferences ? Follow these 3 simple step

Step   1   :   Ask yourself a question " What are the taste for today tea ? " 

Step   2   :   When you got your answer , use the TEA WHEEL to evaluating tea aroma which I going to show you later. 

Step   3   :   When you have cleared with the tea wheel , use loose leaf and start to blend ! 


Here is some blend tea that I have tried it out !

Blend Tea

Types of Tea : Forget Me Not , Stevia , Lemon Grass

Tea Aroma     : Floral (According Tea Wheel Evaluation ) 



Tea wheel is created by International Tea Master Association . They are certified Professional Tea Mastery through training,education & certification. This Tea Wheel is helps you to evaluating tea aroma. So , we are doing the blend tea today. I strongly recommend you to evaluating the taste first before we really blend the tea and put on steep. 

The Tea Wheel allows you to download for FREE, from this link : http://teamasters.org/tea-aroma/ or you can use it form my blog which i jut got downloaded. 


The KEY to mix and blend the tea 

You must use loose leaf in order for you to easy blend the tea . It's okay , if you do not have loose leaf tea. As easy just  cut the tea bag ! If you do not have a proper tea set or tea strainer to make a cup of tea from the loose leaf , you can use empty tea bag as well !


For more information about Floral herbs Tea / Loose leaf tea for tea blending please visit : www.sointea.com  or CLICK HERE for customize your own cup of tea for FREE CONSULTATION

Start NOW , Don't wait ! Your exclusively tea just one click away . 

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