Top 5 Best Tea to pair with Chinese New Year Cookies & Snacks

Chinese New Year is right at CORNER !! 

I am a typical Chinese who born in Malaysia , Kuala Lumpur.  I still remember when I was kid , my mom used to buy all different kinds of  Chinese bake cookies, snacks , biscuits for Chinese New Year Celebration. As a Chinese traditional , people will have to buy all those sweets and be ready to serve on Chinese New Year 1st day when all the relatives and friends visiting their home. For those who have not been celebrate Chinese New Year , don't be surprise how many days Chinese celebrate their New Year. It's 15 days in total to celebrate Chinese New Year. But of course , now days people are busy with works or anythings else. So it's really rare for those who could be able to celebrate the full festival periods. 

A week before the Chinese New Year 

It's common to see all the surrounding with red in color decoration ! if you don't see any , just take a ride to China Town close by to you , it will tells you the festival are coming ! Therefore, you 'ill be able to see all difference kinds of sweets , cookies, snacks , biscuits bake in Chinese traditional way. They are mostly sweets . Hardly find salty or spices snacks ya.  Oh Yes ! Unless you see this call " BA GUA " it is very common and all Chinese favorite in Singapore & Malaysia. It is similar like roasted bacon , but Chinese use charcoal to bake and roasted with tradition sauces. 

 As you can see on top of it are selling the Chinese bake biscuits and snacks.  

 Top 5 Tea to pair with the above snacks & sweets .

1.  OOLONG TEA - Jasmine Pearl Oolong 茉莉龙珠乌龙茶

Oolong Tea is semi- fermented tea . It's combined the qualities of  half black and half green tea types.  Oolong Tea could helps in reductions of high cholesterol levels , control diabetics and also WEIGHT MANAGEMENT ! It's means the above Chinese New Yaear sweets will not stopping you to eat it provided if you can pair with oolong tea ! Sounds GREATS for ladies !


2. Chrysanthemum Tea 菊花茶

Chrysanthemum Tea is brewed from the dried flower and the flowery flavor are similar to Chamomile. Chrysanthemum Tea helps to alleviate inflammation such as sore throat reduce fever and sun stroke ! It's best recommended in South East Asia due to Tropicana weather like Malaysia. The excessive of taking the above sweets & snacks will cause you get sore throat easily. So , take this with you while you enjoy any snacks. 

3. Peppermint Tea - 薄荷茶

Peppermint is an infusion made by peppermint leaf. It could helps to promote good digestion , colic and gas. There are so much delicious food to eat during this happening festival , you must get yourself ready to have good digestion right ? Absolutely YES !  



4. Lemongrass - 柠檬香草 / 香茅

Lemongrass is commonly used in Asian culinary . The unique fragrance produces a lot of cosmetic products such as spa oil . It's promote relaxation as well. A cup of fresh dried lemongrass tea could helps you to reduce stomach cramp.  You may not know what have you eaten seems there are so much delicious dish serve in front of you during these festival.


5. Bael Juice / Tea  - 巴尔果茶

Bael fruits has woody shell that hardly can crack by hands unless using hammer. Bael juice are not common in use or drinks. But , it's has a lot of nutrients that hidden. Bael Tea specially use for constipation and gastric health issue. It's is so easy to get constipation while having excessive of foods and snacks without having enough rest. So , a cup of Bael tea will ease your health concern.   

Last , but not least . I am here to wish everyone who reading this article all the good prosperity and wealth also health come along these "Monkey" Chinese New Year !!  HUAT LA!!  


For more information about the above mention tea , CHECK HERE for clarify !

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