A meaning of LOVE ?

Many people define "LOVE " in different way . Most in general ,  love is something that you can FEEL , not necessary for there to TOUCH or OWNED.

Well , this is the season of Valentines Day ! Therefore, today I will not talk about TEA . Let's talk about WHAT is LOVE

The love of Tea

First & foremost ,  I was looking for the definition of love base on internet dictionary and this is what i got : 


“ LOVE , the word origin from Germanic & Old English " LOFU " . It also define as " libet " & "libido" from the Latin word , it means ' it is pleasing & desire '  .  ”

 I love you !

Love is   : An intense feeling of deep affection . Whenever your inner feeling would like to interpret as ' LOVE' , most you feel warmth and endearment towards it. It is an eattachment & intimacy . It could be fondness . It might feel tenderness

What is Love

Love is    : A deep romantic or sexual attachment to someone . Just like ' it was love at first sight ' . 

Love is    : A great pleasure & interest in something . This is how I am and the most TEA Lover  will loves their every cups of TEA . It's about passion for/in , enjoyment of and appreciation of/for .

Love  is   :  Affectionate greetings conveyed to someone on one's behalf . It means , you 'ill always send your kinds regards to someone you love or best wishes , greeting , good wishes. 


From the above listing shown " LOVE " is being widely define. It is not necessary for something that you only love with ,but also appreciate it . For this seasoning of valentines's day , may you want to celebrates with your love one , family's & friends. Or to celebrate how much that you have LOVE yourself !  


Don't forget to pampering yourself regardless you are someone son or daughter, husband or wife ! No matter who you are , and what you do . We should LOVE our self for more with NO REASON

A simple way to pamper yourself easily is to brew a fresh cup of Premium French Rose Tea . Enjoy the fragrance , smell it ,  indulge it .  


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Wishing every one who is reading this article . May this love seasoning gives you full of joy and loves !!  

Happy Valentines Day !!  

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