A Tea

It has been awhile running away from our blog post , and now finally pick up the desktop and again fall in love with tea. 

The Art of Tea 

When you type on the Google search , looking for the definition of tea . That will be plenty of various answered listing out to you. Well , I certainly have my own definition of tea. For me , Tea is Art , Art is Tea.

Chamomile Tea

When did I start to love tea ? I guess it begins when I have my life in Dubai back to 04 years ago , there were no one else I know besides my housemate. She is from Thai ,and she always brewed a cup of tea for herself after working from long hours and before she getting rest. 

One day , I was super tired and I was so frustrated with my odd hours of working . I was craving for something to calm me down immediately. Suddenly , my housemate Lita , she served me a glass of French Rose Tea. I was amazed by the natural fragrance . I drink a sip , and the French Rose aroma was mumbling my mouth quickly. 

My mind and my soul have calmed immediately .  Relaxing , rejuvenate , this was what I feel by a cup of French Rose Tea. 

Rose Tea


Love begins with TEA 

From that day , I started to collecting differents types of Tea , from the different country. I started to learn the correct way of brewing tea ,as well as the tea ceremony. Finally , I realize that drinking tea was not longer just a port of hot water steeping with tea , and with some cakes or biscuits along with . 

The Love of Tea


Drinking tea is the sensation , brewing tea is the skill , enjoying the tea is the Art. An art created from your mind .

Therefore , my all tea lover . From now on , please do " feel " the tea while you enjoying your cup of tea. May the tea gift your ideas if you need. May the tea gift you lifely  , if you wonder. 

A Tea


Tea is Art , Art is Tea  -   So In Tea 1990 


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