Bael Fruit Tea/Juice  巴尔果茶

Bael Fruit Tea/Juice 巴尔果茶

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How Bael Fruit Tea / Juice helps you ? 巴尔果茶如何帮助您? 

Bael Juice , products of Thailand. Bael helps in controlling cholesterol and brings down the blood cholesterol levels. Besides , it's also known as stimulating pancreas to produce insulin thereby controlling the blood sugar levels. Also, it can reduce constipation and diarrhea .Gastric problem like ulcers can be cured by drinking Bael Juice.


Bael Fruit Tea / Bael Fruis Juice

How to brew this Bael Fruits Tea

  1. Take 01 or 02 tea measurement spoon from the fruits tea.

  2. Then , put directly into tea pot , tea cup , or any teaware you would prefer to use. 

  3. Pour in hot water with 100 'c . It has to be hot enough to steep the Bael.

  4. Steeping time for minimum 15 - 20 minutes.

  5. Add some sugar to enhance the taste and aroma. You may add honey & lemon but after completely cool. 



1. 取出1片或2片巴尔果,这是300ml 的水溶量。

2. 然后,把所有巴尔果及水倒入茶壶 / 茶杯 / 或任何您喜欢的茶具。

3. 热开水至100'c 。 注意, 必去要把水完全烧开然后才倒入茶具。

4. 浸泡时间为至少15 - 20 分钟

5. 您可以加入糖或蜜糖以及柠檬片来调味, 口感会更独特芳香。 

Bael Fruits Brewing Tea

Ice Bael Fruits Tea

Bael Tea


Products Descriptions : 

  • Types 茶装                   : Fresh Loose Pedal(散片装)

  • Packaging 重量            : 1 pack  , 30 g

  • Storage   储存方式       : Up to 2 years , please keep it dry and not directly from the sunlight.   可储存至2年,无储放在太阳直射的地方,应放在干燥地方为宜

  • Flavor   口感                 : Fruity & Sweet Sour  酸甘甜味及带有水果香

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