Chamomile Tea  洋甘菊花茶

Chamomile Tea 洋甘菊花茶

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How Chamomile Tea helps you ? 洋甘菊花茶如何帮助您? 

Chamomile may help to prevent complication of diabetes like nerve and kidney damage also losing of vision , it's also may stunt the growth of cancer cells. Commonly known also for preventing sleep disorder . 



How to brew Chamomile Tea ?

  1. Take 01 or 02 tea measurement spoon from the Floral tea.
  2. Then , put directly into tea pot , tea cup , or any teaware you would prefer to use. 
  3. Pour in hot water with 100'c . It has to be hot enough to steep the tea.
  4. Steeping time for minimum 10 minutes.
  5. Add some sugar for enlighten the taste and aroma. You may add honey & lemon but after completely cool. 


1. 用茶匙取出一茶匙或两茶匙的分量。

2. 然后,把所有分量倒入茶壶 / 茶杯 / 或任何您喜欢的茶具。

3. 倒入100 摄氏的热开水。 注意, 必去要完全泡开的热烧水。

4. 浸泡时间为至少10分钟

5. 您可以加入糖或蜜糖来调味, 口感会更独特芳香。 

Chamomile Tea Brewing

Products Descriptions : 

  • Types 茶装                   : Fresh Loose Leaf(散片装)

  • Packaging 重量            : 1 pack  , 30 g

  • Storage   储存方式       : Up to 1 year , please keep it refrigerates  可储存至半1年, 须冷藏

  • Flavor   口感                 : Flowery & Sweet Sour with strong natural aroma 香甜味及浓郁的花香


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