Stevia Tea  甜菊香茶

Stevia Tea 甜菊香茶

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  • Types             : Fresh Loose Leaf (散茶装 )
  • Packaging      :  1 pack  , 30 g
  • Storage          :   up to 1 year and half  , please keep it dry and avoid directly from the sunlight.

Characteristic : -

Commonly medical treating for obesity and high blood pressure. It's effect on blood glucose ,enhance glucose tolerence.Therefore, it's attractive as an natural sweetener to dibetics and others carbohydrate-controlled diets. 。



Directions : -         

  1. Take 01 or 02 tea measurement spoon from the Floral tea.
  2. Then , put directly into tea pot , tea cup , or any teaware you would prefer to use. 
  3. Pour in hot water with 100'c . It has to be hot enough to steep the tea.
  4. Steeping time for minimum 10 minutes.
  5. To enlighten the taste and aroma, you may add in lemon. 

Enjoy your delightful moment with cup of fresh floral tea 🍵🍰 🍫